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An Integrated Curriculum

Learning crosses traditional disciplines, providing a deep and rich appreciation of who we are and where we came from.

All subjects work together toward a common goal,

to lead students to the Truth.   

Elementary Math through Algebra

Sequential Math leads to mastery of skills and application to real life.

Language Arts

A thorough understanding of the English language,

the rules of usage and mechanics, 

spelling, writing, grammar, and phonics are essential.

Classical Literature 

Students are immersed in the Great Works of Western Civilization including classic fairytales, myths, folklore, and poetry. 

Students delight in and engage with a great story,

enhancing their sense of awe and wonder, 

with an emphasis on recitation. 


Science focuses on discovering the world around us

and the magnificence of God's creation-

Biology, Astronomy, Geology, and other Earth Science

themes are taught.


The chronological study of Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance,

Modern and US History is supplemented

by stories and projects capturing each time period, making history come alive.


The Catechism, Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and virtue

formation is some of the tools used to foster a love and understanding

of the Roman Catholic faith.


Latin is the universal language of the Church, instilling in students a greater understanding of English Grammar and Vocabulary. 

It also serves as a foundation for the study of other modern-day languages.

Latin studies begin in Preschool and continue through 8th Grade.

Music, Art, Drama, and Physical Education

Special Programs are offered to our students to enhance the holistic approach to development and learning across the curriculum. 

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